1st time on the track ! ! !

Ok, so here we go. 15 and 16 /05, location; Bitburg, Germany.

I had to leave early in the morning because I had to pass the car at the technical inspection between 9 and 10 am. This turned out to be just fine, and by 11am Lenard and Pierre Otto arrived at the track with my new exhaust. They gave me some final tips & tricks and off we went to the starting line...

After warming up the tires, it was time for my first shot at the 1/4 mile. I proceeded towards the lights, but in nervosity I failed to launch on the correct time, leaving a 17.05 on the time table. Not good at all, but the adrenaline shot that went instandly through my body was second to none. I felt the potention of the car, and knew that there is far more to come, beyond my current driving skills.

I did a fast check of the engine, fuel and battery, and it was off for the 2nd run. Warm-up was better and my timing on the lights was with 0.16 also better than the first run. As I saw the green light coming on, I litterally "Dropped the hammer". The car lifted up and to my own surprise it ran flat down the line leaving a 13.90 on the board ! The rest of the weekend went pretty smooth with a personal best of 13.62. I think the car can do 12's if I can improve my driving.

I also met "Lady Marmelade" at Bitburg. Laurent & Sylvie are real nice people who give advice and tips when you need them. It seems that laurent has buildt my fuel cell!  To my surprise we ended up running next to each other on sunday, but as far as 0.001 second Lady Marmelade and The Turtle Racer drove together. On sunday Sylvie realized a 10.16 run ! My congratulations to her!


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Line-Lock finished !

2 nights before we had to leave for Bitburg, Mario, Matt and Karl came over for the last details on the car. The Hurst Line-lock is now fully functional and race-proven.

Next on the list is detailing the new exhaust, that was delivered on track by the "Ott-Bros". After this I am thinking of changing the dashbord to make it more functional. The push button for the line-lock will be integrated on the steeringwheel for better control._MG_0005

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