2 trophy's @ Spa !?!

As I got an email today from the organisation, they told me I still have to get the trophy I won for the 3th best time in my category ! It seems I have ran an 8.129 on the 1/8 uphill track ! I will be recieve the award at Das Drag Day 8 in September, but here is a preview !



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Snuff-movie from Spa

Thx to Mr.Lays' cellphone, i got myself this snuff-movie from myself and the Turtle Racer in action...


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Le Bug Show


This has to be one of the best meetings I've done in my life. Great atmosphere, cars, people and plenty of race-time. I tried my new fuel, and the car runs great! When we passed the car for technical inspection saturday morning I got to meet the guy's of Slide Performance, who have built my engine. There will be some contact in the future to see how we can get the most out of the engine of the Turtle Racer. Highlight of the weekend was that I recieved the Bug-In Choice Award From FFred ! I will let the pictures speak ! Thanks to all that made this a weekend I will never forget !!!



More pictures soon !

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Small Cruise-night @ my place ; Bugs & Cava




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