Santa Pod VW Action September 2011

A group of Belgian Dubbers left early that mornig for an epic trip to the UK. We arrived at Dunkerque only seconds before the ship sailed ! After that a first one for me, driving on the wrong (or right) side of the road with the Turtle on the trailer ! After +/- 4hour we reached Santa Pod, and if you see this the first time ? it really is impressing.. A FIA approved track with stands for the spectators. I would like to see this in Belgium ! The organisation was extremely kind and were happy to meet us. It was a weekend not to forget, and I sure hop in 2012 I can return !


Some pictures, more to come later !




VW-Action_2011_030.jpgDude was catching flies with his sword....


Tired but so happy ! Arrived home monday 5am, got to work 3 hours later....


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